Frequently Asked Questions

Colocation and Managed Colocation


Who actually supplies the server?

In the industry, colocation infers that the server belongs to you, while the hosting provider supplies power, network, and security. Normally, uHost customers supply the hardware fully configured and ready to simply plug in and run.



What is uHost's Uptime Guarantee?

uHost provides our clients with a written 100% uptime guarantee for your network and power supply.



What uHost Colocation plan is right for me?

Depending on the level of management you require and the amount of space you need, uHost offers flexible Colocation solutions. Depending on your size or privacy concerns we have plans that range from shared cabinets, private locked cabinets or private suites to store your servers and equipment. Additionally we offer optional management and administration which includes the hardware, operating system, applications, software, and infrastructure, including the network and data center operations. Our engineers are responsible for installing, managing, and updating security patches. We also proactively monitor all of our managed servers so we can make corrections or enhancements as necessary. Check out our section on colocation for more information.



What level of support is offered with uHost's Colocation services?

All uHost Colocation solutions offer the three P's: Power, Pipe and Ping. uHost guarantees 100% uptime for your power supply and network, as well as around the clock monitoring that your servers are available. 24x7 support for configuration, application performance monitoring and management is available for uHost's Managed Colocation customers.


Prices starting at $349.95

All Plans Include

  • Average < 5 Minute Response Time
  • Unlimited expert support 24x7x365
  • 30 Minute Hardware Replacement
  • 100% Infrastructure Uptime Guarantee
  • Managed
  • State-of-the-Art
    Data Center